“I started painting when I was working as a production designer on an independent film called “Liar’s Pendulum”. We needed a bunch of large paintings for a scene that was set in an abandoned warehouse. I continued working on my own paintings when the production was over but took a break when I enrolled into the Interior Architecture and Design Master’s Program. During that time I worked on another film called “Black Parables”, which was set in the early 1950s. One of the characters in the movie is an abstract expressionist painter and one of the sets was the artist’s studio filled with her paintings. I really enjoyed researching the art scene of that time period, especially learning more about artists like Jackson Pollock and Jasper Johns, as well as the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. It wasn’t until after I graduated that I jumped on the opportunity to paint again and fill a huge wall in my client’s living room with a collection of abstract paintings.”

Concrete and acrylic on recycled canvas frames and repurposed scenery

Concrete and acrylic on recycled canvas frames and repurposed scenery

Christina’s artwork is a culmination of many influences, including interior design, graphic design and architecture. She gets inspired by street art, rock ‘n’ roll and traveling.

She is currently working on abstract paintings, digital prints and is experimenting with concrete. Christina mostly uses acrylics and paints on paper, canvas and wood panels, but also uses repurposed wood.